Delta’s Staff

Andy Jones

has over 20 different bourbons on his bar

electronic prepress guru

Andy is a native of the great state of Oregon. He attended Linfield College in McMinnville and was a member of Delta Psi Delta fraternity. College came and went, but the brotherhood made a lasting impression. His love for computers and technology led him down the long and winding road to owning his own company, and Delta Graphics was born.

He’s our output guru, prepress expert, computer geek, all around go-to guy. When he isn’t at the office taking care of customers, he enjoys golfing, playing poker and spending time with his grandsons. Andy is a proud Kiwanis member, and serves on the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp board of directors.

Victoria Jones

will work for chocolate

art director, production diva

Victoria was born in Camp Hanford, Washington* and raised near Boise. (of course, this was before Boise was an actual place on the map… ) She likes to say she is a production-oriented typesetter with a great deal of experience. (We like to say she’s been typesetting for years and years – and years… being that she once used a Compugraphic!) She can whip up business forms in her sleep, and there isn’t any typesetting job too difficult. Victoria has been with Delta Graphics since the beginning. Her “outside” interests include playing with her grandchildren, gourmet cooking, reading science fiction, ballroom dancing and watching spectator sports of all kinds — especially NASCAR races & hockey.

*Camp Hanford is now known as the Hanford Nuclear Reservation… explains a lot doesn’t it!

P.S. No, she does not glow in the dark.

Abby Jones

somebody has to take
a nap in the sun!


Abby joined our staff in May of 2009. She holds the title of Receptionist/Director of Employee Morale. Even though she is young for this position and responsibility, we have seen her grow into the role.

Abby’s eating, napping in the sun, snacking and sleeping by the fire. She loves meeting new people, and is always willing to high five (for a treat). Abby’s dislikes are skateboards, little yappy dogs and delayed mealtimes.

She was recently chosen as a model for an upcoming photo display book entitled 1000 Pugs by San Francisco photographer Amanda Bradshaw. Proceeds from the sale of the beautiful coffee table book will benefit pug rescue groups across the USA.

Her favorite charities are Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp and the Pongo Fund.

Gibbs Jones

Throw me the ball - I'll run with it!

security / abby's exercise program

Gibbs is our newest employee, having started work in February, 2012.
He serves as Director of Security and also heads up our Employee Fitness Program. With his boundless energy and booming voice he is perfect for both jobs.

Gibbs is a sports enthusiast. His favorite activities include running, chasing balls, wrestling and playing tug-of-war. He enjoys a good snuggle and a good meal, too, especially if it includes bacon.

The "hero" Gibbs is most likely to emulate is the Energizer Bunny.

He supports Pacific Pug Rescue and Dove Lewis Animal Hospital.